The FIN Tool

The FIN Tool is a data processing system based around a SQL and built on the Traveltek architecture, which is amongst the best secure information processing and sharing architecture available.

Designed to be secure, robust, flexible as well as easy to use the FIN tool can handle and process all types of economic crime and as a pure analytical tool can be used for general business analytics. Although the company has planned continuous developments to implement which will enhance the system and keep, the key features of the system are listed below.

The FIN Tool has powerful analytics which are scanning the incoming data continuously looking for patterns and matching against the existing data in real time. This allows FIN to give real time alerts as fraud is identified. FIN also alerts the user if a previous transaction is later confirmed as suspicious or fraudulent. Whilst the FIN tool primarily uses its powerful analytics to identify fraud, it still comes complete with the third party data as standard so that users benefit from functionality such as the geographic area of the IP address and Bank Identification Number (BIN) code.

The FIN tool has a number of unique features which means that it will help businesses detect and fraud more precisely and prevent fraud over a much larger range of situations than any other tool currently available. Below are listed the main unique features of the FIN Tool.

Data Ingest

In order to give the widest possible application for the tool it has been designed from the outset to be flexible about data ingest to allow manual, batch, and automated data ingest into the system. The uniquely wide variety of compatible data ingest methods make FIN very easy to load data into unlike some existing systems.

Manual input is designed for small organisations, such as guest houses that may only have one transaction a week and is carried out through a dedicated screen within the system which is simple to use. Batches of data can be ingested using any commercially available spreadsheets which are simply loaded into the system using industry standard protocols. Automated data ingest can also be used by anyone using the tool through an Application Program Interface (API) from the company’s own system to the FIN tool.

5x5x5 Information Sharing

The FIN tool is unique in using a modified version of the ACPO 5x5x5 Information sharing matrix to grade all data ingested into the system. The 5x5x5 matrix is a police tool which has been developed to allow the Police Service to manage information which has risk attached to it. It is the standard format for managing the evaluation, source and the provenance of the information, and the manner in which it should be handled and disseminated. The use of a 5x5x5 provides an audit trail which is integral to the National Intelligence Model process. It ensures consistency between forces and enables forces to share intelligence more easily.

From a practical standpoint the 5x5x5 matrix enables FIN to pick out confirmed frauds from suspicious activities and means that the data is graded in a way that meets the Police standard. FIN is the only commercial tool that uses the 5x5x5 matrix.