Real Time Analytics

The powerful analytics that sit behind the FIN tool are scanning the data and database 100% of the time giving live warning of fraudulent and suspicious activity using the most up to date records available. By not relying on cached data like other systems do, the user can be certain that the reliability of the data is more accurate and will give less false positive reports.

Additionally, by connecting the tool to the company’s payment gateway and the booking engine it is possible to identify anomalies between payments and what is reported to identify internally derived problems that would otherwise be hidden.

FIN users can use the powerful analytics to compare, test and analyse commercial data of any sort. This feature is ideal for companies with more than one business unit that use different back office tools and so have difficulty comparing, transferring and analysing data. However any user can benefit from this provision which allows users to identify why one element of a business has more fraud, or is more profitable than a similar one for example.

The general analytical functionality allows a user to link the tool to both the booking tool and payment gateway and set the tool to compare payments being made against the payments being recorded on a booking. This will powerfully enhance internal auditing and reduce fraud by rogue employees.