Free Data Analysis

FIN is currently offering all organisations the chance to carry out a free data analysis of their fraud data, in order to begin process we need to collect your historic fraud data.

We split fraud data into three categories namely:

Chargebacks – where a chargeback has been received from your bank
Rejected bookings – where a booking has been stopped as it is suspected to be fraudulent
Suspicious activity – where a booking has not been processed as it is suspected to be fraudulent

We are able to ingest all information your organisation collects during the booking process including:

Primary data:

– First name
– Last name
– Date of birth
– Telephone number
– IP address
– Email address
– Postal address

Secondary data:

– Booking date
– Commencement date
– Order type (Flight only, Flight plus, Car hire etc.)
– How booked (Online, call centre etc.)
– Price
– Payment card number

Travel specific data:

– Destination
– Departure point

The data can be sent in any format including cvs, xls, xlsx, ods. We recommend that when sending us your data it is sent via a password protected file.

Data sent will be processed via the FIN system and then uploaded to the NFIB.

To ensure all parties interests are protected an NDA will be completed by both parties that covers the sharing of data.

For more information please get in contact.